small but fulfilling a 17-pyeong apartment building INTERIOR WOODEN FURNITURE HOME STYLING CHIP

Wooden Furniture Home Styling Tip

Among many interior concepts, even if you have the style you want, it’s not easy to decorate everything according to the concept unless you prepare everything anew.The materials and designs are different from each other, but even if the colors are harmonized, half of them will be successful.This is a home styling tip reference for wooden furniture in a small but fulfilling 17 pyeong apartment interior.The furniture made of thick wood is stylishly decorated.

I hope that the smaller the space, the more uniform the base color.It certainly gives a wide-looking effect, and it’s good because the tone looks organized.In particular, it would be better if the interior of the 17-pyeong apartment could not be separated as much as possible.It’s packed with tall furniture and arranged, and if you divide the space, it looks cramped and narrower.

It’s expanded from the living room to the veranda, so there’s a little more room.A low one-person sofa is placed in the expansion seat of the veranda and is easy to use when needed.And personally, I prefer blinds to curtains in a small house.There’s no reason, but from my experience, the horizontal blinds were high-end and gave me a feeling of being a little wider.I think slim perforated aluminum blinds are good these days.It was really good that the light came in to some extent and kept the brightness together even though it was perforated and hidden.Bedrooms in 17 pyeong apartments are often bedded and other furniture is not available.Rather than placing a bedside table, it will be easier to use it as a side table in a small chair and use it as a chair when there are more customers.Please apply it to a single house and one-room life.The round dining table, which makes it easy to use space freely, is a regular furniture in the interior of a small flat apartment!
The circular design gently relaxes the heavy atmosphere of wooden furniture.It is good that it can be used as a multipurpose table in the living room even if it is not a kitchen table.The small pyeong, new house interior and circular table are furniture that makes it easy to use efficient space.If you give me one tip that is easy to use in a house with a small space like the interior of a 17-pyeong apartment, I recommend that the backrest of the table and chair be low.Certainly, the space doesn’t seem too stuffy.It’s a combination of heavy black and wood colors, but the base is bright white, so it doesn’t look stuffy.I definitely agree with the use of lighting here and there.Even if there is a main lighting, it would be nice if you use indirect lighting such as floor lamps and table lamps well, so the space looks comfortable and comfortable.In particular, if you add light to the wooden furniture styling in the interior of the 17-pyeong apartment, the space will look warmer and look good on you.As for the lighting that goes well with the wooden table, the round design white and the glass cap are also good.I recommend a simple design.When decorating a house with thick wooden furniture, it is a good idea to use plants along with lighting!
If wood furniture and green plants are added, the interior of the apartment will surely shine even more with energy.Please use it as a tip for home styling.Tall flower pots are good, but small flower pots that are placed on chests and stools are also good.Personally, I think plants with big mouths have more presence and look prettier.It’s a Scandinavian vintage or mid-century modern style, and if it’s an apartment interior, you should never miss plants.It suits you so well ^^;If you fail every time because it is too difficult to grow plants, styling the picture frame with a prominent green color is also a good way.It would certainly be nice if the furniture in the interior of the 17-pyeong apartment was placed in a slightly smaller furniture than the tall one.If you have to arrange tall furniture, avoid the front view when you go in and out, and it doesn’t look too stuffy.Also, if the bottom finishing material is thick wood, it will feel cramped and heavy overall.At times like this, you can change the mood by using a bright colored rug, so try using it as a tip for home styling.source of interest